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If you're going to invest your effort, time and money, you deserve the best results possible!

More than just a class, it's part of a program. Designed to deliver results - burn fat effectively, and build muscles that last!


Each workout is carefully handcrafted by our HIPE coaches, following a weekly programming cycle, targeting different body parts and stress all of your energy systems. With over 50 classes per week you're spoilt for choice


Get in, get fit and get on with your Life! Our classes are time-efficient and convenient.


We provide challenging and progressive workouts to improve metabolic rate, energy levels and strength.



We help our members transform their health & fitness using Strength, Cardio and boxing classes and become part of an encouraging community. 

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Athletic our signature class is back!

A foundation session for all of our programs! Not only do these sessions build overall strength through our compound lifts, but they are also designed to build lean muscle and injury-proof our bodies. Increase your lifting capacity as you learn to move with good form.

Category: Strength, Resistance, Toning


A High-Intensity Intermittent Training session where you will burn maximum calories and train at an intensity only possible for short bursts. Attack each short work period with everything you have, and this program will have you gasping for air and enjoying every second of the well-earned rest interval. Training at higher intensities will maximise the EPOC effect where your body continues to burn calories post-workout for up to 36 hours.

Category: Cardio, Conditioning


High Energy & Challenging! Intervals of aerobic, body weight and weighted exercises for a total body overhaul. Develop strength, muscle tone and burn calories as you push through the heart pounding combinations.

Category: Strength & Conditioning

Fight Club

A cardio-forward boxing workout with bags and beats that powers you through rounds of boxing conditioning. It’s just you and your own killer instinct, an explosive workout that leaves nothing in the tank. This one-of-a-kind class will train you to move, look and feel like a champion.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa & Power Yoga, also called flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga.​

Dynamic Strength

Fun, creative, challenging - Improve your strength and athleticism, boost your energy and build muscle: these are just a few benefits of dynamic explosive strength training. Come and explore some interesting and unusual moves in this fast paced class.

Strength Clinic

Join coach David for a special Strength Clinic and focus on technique, lift heavy and progressively overload for maximum results. Regular benchmarking will be done to monitor progress. Small groups, big results!

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