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If you wouldn't jump into shark infested waters to get our service back - we'll return every $ you pay!

1 on 1 personal training 

Get results without having to think about your training programming and diet plans          

  • Work 1 on 1 with a senior coach 

  • Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced levels

  • Learn proper technique and get confident lifting heavy weights 

  • Get pushed and motivated so you show up for every session

  • Work on your specific goals - Body | Performance | Sport Specific

  • Workout at a time that suits you 

  • Money back guarantee 


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12-Week Body Transformation Program

Personalized Coaching: You'll have the undivided attention of a certified Personal Trainer who will tailor your program to your unique goals, needs, and fitness level.

Structured Workouts: Say goodbye to guesswork. Our program provides a systematic approach to fitness, ensuring you make consistent progress.

Nutritional Guidance: Nutrition is key to any transformation. You'll receive expert advice and support to develop sustainable, healthy eating habits.

Accountability: Our Personal Trainer will hold you accountable, helping you stay committed to your fitness goals week after week.

Progress Tracking: Witness your transformation with regular progress assessments, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your desired results.

Support and Motivation: Our trainer will be with you every step of the way, offering guidance, motivation, and support to overcome obstacles and plateaus.

Holistic Approach: We believe in fostering not just physical, but mental and emotional wellness too, helping you achieve a holistic transformation.

Invest in yourself with our 12-week Body Transformation Program. Your journey to a healthier, fitter, and more confident you begins here.


Achieve the transformation you deserve. Contact us today to get started.

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Meet Jake, our nutrition expert! 

He is a qualified clinical nutritionist, nutrition coach, nutrition presenter and keynote speaker in Sydney.

Jake was diagnosed with severe anorexia nervosa at 15 years of age he required 20 hospital admissions and experienced borderline death through starvation. Whilst battling his anorexia nervosa, he was diagnosed with cancer. 


He miraculously fully recovered from both conditions and chose to study nutritional medicine to learn how food can be used as medicine for the human body.

Jake works with our clients in writing personalized  evidence based nutrition plans for health and performance based goals. Using comprehensive dietary analysis software, he scientifically investigates your nutrition and provides ongoing nutrition education to ensure you become your own nutrition expert.

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"I would like to give a shout out to Sam, who in the few months I have personal trained with him has taught me so much. 


I have learned how to properly kick, choke someone, get outta being choked and am lifting nearly 80kg from 45kg on the hip thrusts. In just two weeks Sam has me being able to do a box jump!"

Sarah Badman


"After stacking on the kilos over Christmas, I joined Hipe, then added personal training sessions with Veronika.


I'm glad I did because when lockdown hit, strength training kept me sane.

It's changed my body in ways I couldn't imagine but the biggest change is that I now love going to the gym !"

Callum Denness


ready to transform?

Come and join the HIPE family

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