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How is HIPE Athletic different?



HIPE stands for HIgh PErformance training for the everyday athlete. Established in the inner-city suburbs of Sydney in 2017.

Gone are the days of going to the gym, running on a treadmill, with little interaction, no friendly or community feel, little variation in activities and only your own motivation to keep you going. Unless you have some serious self-motivation, this fitness model just didn’t work for a lot of people.


The answer? The HIPE experience.


We deliver a boutique studio experience that is fun and innovative. It’s a fresh take on fitness classes. It is our unique combination of HIIT, BOXING, YOGA and Personal Training that delivers outstanding results.​ Classes offer a premium experience and are constantly changing with over 50 per week, and are built around convenience and community focus.


Community is our main difference. Our members are our community. We offer a dynamic group environment, with that personal touch. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our members, as well as developing a sense of community to facilitate strong relationships in the wider group.

Hipe Athletic is breaking ground with the latest fitness technology advances. All of our classes utilise the latest technology including heart rate-based training system with wireless and cloud-based monitoring. Its and award-winning mix. It is proven to deliver results.