Member of the Year Bruce Remmer

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MEMBER OF THE YEAR - One man on a mission in 2020 did not let a pandemic and a lockdown stand in his way of achieving what he had planned out for this year. Exactly 1 year ago he started to get consistent with his class attendance after only 3 visits in the first 3 months after signing up! When our New Year's member challenge came along, we remember him asking: "I keep seeing these amazing transformations on the internet, I always wonder whether this is real and doable?" We said "Yes it is, if you commit to it 100%"

And that's what he did, without fail he recorded and tracked every calorie and macro nutrient to the exact recommended amount day in and day out. After dropping a great amount of bodyfat he started to take the next step and joined a 12 week Personal Training Transformation program with Igor to build lean muscle mass. And the rest is history!

CONGRATULATIONS BRUCE REMMER for becoming the HIPE Member of the year 2020, you are an inspiration. We can't wait to see what's next for you! The next 3 months of your membership are on us!

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