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Congratulations Alex Downham

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Member of the Year Alex has also been awarded Member of the Month of Dec for achieving 500 workouts as first ever member!

"The trade-off for being successful in my job was my health. Or so I thought - my office was full of stressed and overweight people and I realised I was one of them, tipping the scales at 111kg before I stopped weighing myself. As someone who values being active, I love diving and travel, this was hurting my lifestyle as well as my health and my self-esteem. I thought I was going to have to get my health back on track alone, I did not know that I would have such great support. After all, my own decisions and injury had resulted in me being in the position where I was unhealthy, fat and unfit and over 40. I knew I was, I knew I looked it, and I knew I was putting it in the too hard basket. I had to do something to help myself but it was daunting – I did not know how I was going to make the change I needed to make. I had walked past HIPE many times and had thought about it – wondered if I would be able to be like the people that I saw inside?

I just did it – I emailed HIPE and booked to go in and try a class. I will always remember the first time I went to HIPE – it was intimidating with all of these fit people doing fit things and I did not know how I would go. How I went was I was exhausted and sore but had proven that I could do it. What I did not know was that these people - the trainers, owners and the fit people who were intimidating to me, were about to become the people who supported me and inspired me to keep walking through the door. Some of them have become friends. It was hard, but it was rewarding – ultimately one of the best decisions that I have made. Somewhere along the way I became one of the people that I had admired from afar, and I had rediscovered the taste for exercise and the high it brings. Soon I was shopping for clothes in sizes I had not worn for many years, my diving was easier and air consumption much better, and being active whilst on holiday was much easier.

Now I am fit and strong.

I relish physical challenges and activities, my resting heart rate has plummeted and I am generally in much better health – my doctor was blown away. I never lacked confidence, but I look back at old photos and remember not feeling happy in my skin and am shocked at how big I look. If you are that person I was, I say go for it - it is one of the best decisions I have made."

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