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Congratulations Ivy Chu

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

"My journey with Hipe started back in 2017 when I purchased a Groupon to try out classes for a month. After the month, I signed up and trained at Hipe on and off throughout 2018, but work was stressful and so many changes in my life meant that exercising was not a priority and it just became harder and harder to get to the gym. In March 2019, I decided to take a break from the gym completely. I was quite depressed with my life, gaining a lot of weight and just feeling sorry for myself. Knew I had to do something, but I had no will power or motivation to do so. Work was always a priority, my life wasn’t. Then…on 21 September 2019, I received a text from Hipe about the 8 Week Challenge! I thought long and hard about it for the next 4 days! Kept asking myself if I could do it?! Will I commit to it if I signed up? Deep down I knew it was what I needed to do. At 6.24am on Wednesday 25 September, even before my coffee, I decided and replied to the text with a “YES”!

October weigh-in at 81.2kgs – what a shocker! I was quite embarrassed with myself, but now that I signed up, the goal was to get fitter and lose at least 10kgs by the end of challenge. I remember even asking Stefan whether that was too ambitious as I was never even able to shift 5kgs in the past!

On 5 October 2019, the Challenge begins…. I knew what I had to do. Start training, reduce my food portions and cut down/out my junk food eating habits – loved my chips! The first couple of weeks was difficult, the body was telling me to quit, everything ache, injuries which I needed to work through! I refrained from stepping on the scales, except halfway through the challenge. I only lost 4kgs. Quite disappointing as I was working so hard. Told myself I needed to work harder, only 4 more weeks to go to reach my goal. No more jumping on scales until the end. Then suddenly, I could see my clothes began to feel loose on me. Feeling better about myself and counting down the weeks – will my goal be reached?

On Saturday 30 November 2019, it’s weigh-in time again! Did I meet my goal?! Stepped on the scales 68.1kgs – yes!!! Exceeded my goal – was shocked with the results (but in a good way, this time!) Overall my fitness level had gone up, my body age has decreased 8 years - what more can I ask for in 8 weeks. If I can achieve this, anybody can too if they set their mind to it – never give up!

I thank my work mates who were so supportive, and it was almost like they were on the challenge with me. Thank you to Andy who pushed me to my max during the fitness test!

Thank you to Stefan and all the trainers at Hipe for getting me back on track. My gratitude and appreciation to you all."

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