Congratulations Austin Hupfau

Updated: Apr 18

I joined Hipe as soon as the gyms reopened after the Covid lockdown, at this point I hadn’t trained in over 6 months and needed to get back to it. At about two weeks in I got a message from Stefan letting me know about the 8 week challenge, I looked into the results of previous participants and knew I had to do it to kickstart my fitness when I had been out of action for so long. so I signed up!

In the beginning it was quite challenging, I was training a lot more and a lot harder than I ever had before and I was tired and extremely sore. After about 2 weeks I was starting to see results and things were becoming easier and I was really enjoying the workouts, I knew it was working and it kept me pushing myself. I'm very happy for doing the challenge and I would encourage others to do it, the results you get and the way you feel is worth it. Thank you to the Hipe team for getting me back into the gym and enjoying every minute of it."

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