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12 Week
Body Transformation

The Transformation package is a combination of Personal Training & group classes and is highly personalised. 


We have added our newly developed SHREDS accountability tracker. It stands for Sleep, Hunger, Recovery, Energy, Digestion and Stress - all valuable markers on your transformation journey.

It's simple to keep up to date and it takes only a few minutes per day to track all your vital stats so we leave nothing to chance!

Transformation package includes:

  • 1, 2 or 3 Personal training sessions per week

  • Custom- calculated Calorie & Macro Nutrient intake

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Flexibility and mobility program

  • Body composition measurements


For a personalised quote based on your fitness goals, message us below.

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1 on 1 Training

 Our world class trainers work with you towards your goal and develop a personalised training program. Accountability and support is a big part of what we do. 

Benefits of Personal Training:

  • Learn correct form and technique

  • Motivation 

  • Learn to live fit and healthy 

  • Injury rehab and prevention

  • Sport specific training 



Real People, Real Results

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