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Our signature class! Backed by the latest findings in sports science, this class will make you more athletic and fine-tune major muscle groups.

This cutting-edge workout uses a great variety of equipment to break through plateaus and prevents muscle ‘boredom’


Resistance, Strength, Weights, Plyometrics (Explosiveness), Calisthenics (Bodyweight)


High Energy & Challenging! Intervals of aerobic, body weight and weighted exercises for a total body overhaul. Develop strength, muscle tone and burn calories as you push through the heart pounding combinations.




NO LIMITS - combination of strength, weights, cardio & conditioning


This high-intensity metabolic conditioning workout stimulates all energy systems and creates a huge Afterburn for maximum effect. Change dimensions - Break out of linear movements with this class that challenges you to move weight in all directions for a full 360 degrees of loaded movement. 




Cardio & Metabolic Conditioning, light weights, Plyometrics (Explosiveness), Calisthenics (Bodyweight)


Resistance / Intervals / Power / Plyometrics / Endurance / Definition

Group Strength Training, designed to strengthen major muscles with a focus on core, balance, movement and explosive power: Utilizing Free Weights, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine Balls, Olympic Rings, TRX. 




Strength, Weights, Calisthenics (Bodyweight), Plyometrics (Explosiveness), Core, Balance, Coordination


A series of standing and floor Yoga poses held for longer to develop a balance of strength and flexibility, learn to balance effort and surrender in each pose, no better way of ending your working week than Hatha @ HIPE

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa, also called flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga.​


A cardio-forward boxing workout with bags and beats that powers you through rounds of boxing conditioning. It’s just you and your own killer instinct, an explosive workout that leaves nothing in the tank. This one-of-a-kind class will train you to move, look and feel like a champion.



Fitness Boxing, Kickboxing, Bag & Pad work, Calisthenics (Bodyweight), Plyometrics (Explosiveness)

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