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results-based training

Our clients want results - Lose fat, be strong & fit in those old jeans again...  

  • Select any session

  • Appointment necessary 

  • 1 Free Body Composition Test

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Our runners strength program, curated by head coach David explicitly for marathon runners, zeroes in on areas pivotal for optimal performance and resilience.

📆 Commencement: 5/6/2024 
⏰Wed, 615 pm, Chippendale | Fri, 7 pm, Camperdown

📍 Venue: HIPE Athletic Chippendale, 100 Cleveland Street
📍 Venue: HIPE Athletic Camperdown, 84 Parramatta Road

💲 Fee: $250 for 10 weeks - 1 session pw
💲 Fee: $450 for 10 weeks - 2 sessions pw

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When you're guessing at how to improve your health & fitness...

You constantly stop and start, and feel frustrated.

You waste money on fads & strategies that don't work.

You feel like you're never going to make it. 


Let's talk fitness goals, shall we? We get it – the struggle is real. We've helped 2000+ locals crush their fitness goals, without the agony of dull diets and soul-sucking workouts.

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Tier 1:


Group Training 

Our Group Training Clients have a hard time exercising alone. Creating a workout plan and keeping themselves motivated is a challenge, making it very difficult to achieve their fitness goals.

We know how it feels to struggle with motivation and consistency. We will hold you accountable and motivate you to stay on track.



  • Over 50 Group Sessions per week 

  • Body Composition Test 

  • Health and Lifestyle Assessment 

  • Success Roadmap

  • Weekly attendance tracking 

  • Progress Coaching session every 60 days

Step 1: Hit the button below
Step 2: Come in for a trial 

Step 3: Make an informed decision


Tier 2:


Personal Training 
Our Personal Training Clients have specific goals and needs, they enjoy the individualized attention and customized programming.

They appreciate the flexibility in the scheduling and the focus on individual goals, which leads to faster progress. Privacy and comfort in the sessions combined with the ability to adapt to limitations is also a big bonus.



  • ​1 on 1 Training Sessions

  • Body Comp Test 

  • Goal setting & review

  • Movement & Fitness Testing

  • Personalised Programing

  • Periodisation​

Step 1: Hit the button below
Step 2: Come in for a body composition test  
Step 3: Make an informed decision

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Tier 3:

Body Transformation

Clients undergoing body transformations with us, have well-defined physique/body goals with a specific timeline attached.


They work towards a major goal by accomplishing smaller milestones along the way. Our Nutrition and Accountability coaches provide dedicated support, closely monitoring progress and ensuring daily accountability, a service highly valued by our clients.


  • ​1 on 1 Training Sessions and or Group Training 

  • Ongoing Body Comp Testing

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Personal Accountability Coach

  • Custom Calculated Calorie & Macro nutrient intake

  • Weekly Progress Coaching Balls

Step 1: Hit the button below
Step 2: Come in for a consult
Step 3: Make an informed decision

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After a life threatening accident in 2020 my health, fitness and confidence had dropped. My fitness had been pretty good before the accident and I think it helped with my recovery so it was important to me that I got it back.


The Hipe team were amazing and supported me every step on the way, all of the trainers and Mike & Stefan are so encouraging, and PT with Veronika got me into the best shape of my life. 


Now I look forward to classes and seeing my Hipe family most days. Thank you all!"

Cara Morrison

My goal initially was to get slightly fitter so I can chase after my little girls for a lot longer.  So I searched for a gym near me and wanted a gym which I didn’t have to think too much, just turn up to a group of nice people to hang out with and excellent trainers that can motivate me. And this is what HIPE is about.


It’s not a chore coming here and the variety of the classes HIPE has makes you want to keep coming back. Since being here I lost 10% of my body weight and down to around 11% body fat.

Thanks Mike, Stefan and the crew here to make it so much fun but also achieving results which I couldn’t imagine."


Garry Lam

group fitness class, group training, functional training, HIPE Athletic Camperdown, Chippendale, hiit, gym, dumbbell, fit, happy male, weight lifting, strength training, results

HIPE Athletic Camperdown

84-86 Parramatta Road, 2050, NSW

HIPE Athletic Chippendale

106 / 100 Cleveland Street, 2008, NSW

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group fitness class, group training, functional training, HIPE Athletic Camperdown, Chippendale, hiit, gym, community, happy group, social, party

"At HIPE you’ll train harder, enjoy it more and do it all with a fun bunch of locals and awesome coaches"



Come and join the HIPE Community

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